Port Security Center & Maritime OSINT

Generate real-time automatic reports on ships, containers and personnel directly from dozens of sources online.



Insert Ship or Container Information

Insert ship's name or identification number (MMSI/IMO) from any device.


Automatic Profiling With Only One Click

Collect intelligence from a wide range of OSINT sources and public records.


Further Investigate with AI Analysis Tools

Perform sentiment analysis of crew online content and identify social links.


Ongoing Monitoring & Alerts

Auto-identify anomalies related to vessel information, destination and crew.

Unified Platform to Detect Threats on Seaports and Marine Vessels

Analyze sea-vessels, containers and personnel with one click


Quickly generate actionable insights to gain real-time control over threats that may come from the land or sea.

Monitor Sea Vessels

Get detailed real-time reports on any sea-vessels that arrive at your dock, including it's identity, traffic records and history of ownership.

Target Profiling

Monitor activity of port vendors and visitors to identify signs of incitement or illegal activity.

Monitor Containers

Monitor past and current time location, owners, and other information of the containers arriving to the docks.

Maritime Intelligence Solutions for Real-Life Scenarios

Customized solutions that meet the unique needs of different industries and users