OSINT for Law Enforcement

Learn how law enforcement agencies use OSINT to detect, prevent and investigate criminal activities

The Challenges

Almost all aspects of our lives are online. We express ourselves, share our activities and plans, and connect with others – online. And with every online activity, we leave countless digital footprints along the way.

Ironically, the online activities of criminals and terrorists also leave billions of data points around the world, and these clues are often the missing evidence required to fight crime and terror. That said, with data becoming increasingly complex and criminals and terrorists making more effort to cover their tracks, it can be challenging to uncover this online activity as it involves the extraction and analysis of vast amounts of unstructured data from the web. This challenge is exacerbated by the need to stay anonymous and avoid jeopardizing an investigation.

Give your Teams the Actionable Intelligence Insights they need to Fight Crime and Terror

ESPY offers a complete suite of modular, enterprise-grade intelligence and investigation tools and methodologies that enable Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) to collect and analyze data from a wide range of open sources, social media, news sites, and surface, deep and dark web.

Designed by security intelligence experts, these solutions equip law enforcement agencies with the data and actionable intelligence insights needed to uncover clues and evidence, build suspect profiles, engage targets, and reconstruct social circles.

Use the power of publicly available information found in public records to conduct an OSINT investigation!

This empowers agencies to quickly and efficiently combat criminal activities and:

Fight Organized Crime

Conduct Criminal Investigation

Detect Terrorism Groups

Intercept Narcotics Rings​

Combat Human Trafficking

Collect Forensic Evidence

Key Benefits for Law Enforcement Agencies