Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for Corporate Security

How corporate companies leverage OSINT to identify business threats and opportunities using the world wide web.

The Challenges

Private corporations and enterprises suffer billions of dollars of losses every year from the theft of data, intellectual property, and material assets resulting from perpetrators physically stealing assets, embezzlement, monetary fraud, and advanced cyber-attacks.

Staying on top of these potential risks, as well as additional ones such as third parties with malicious intent and threats to the personal security of executives and employees, is critical to the long-term success of any corporation. Inaction can have severe consequences and any disruption to a corporation’s ability to seamlessly conduct business can negatively impact revenues, brand reputation, and its ability to bring in new customers and even employees.

That said, protecting a corporation’s assets, sensitive information and intellectual property, and identifying and preventing threats to its executives and employees, can be a major challenge. Moreover, as a company grows, the potential for illegal employee activity grows as well. This means that in addition to the risks mentioned above, corporations also need to monitor and mitigate any potential risks associated with employees having access to sensitive corporate data and assets.

Get the Actionable Intelligence Insights you need to Protect Employees and Corporate Data, Assets & Intellectual Property

ESPY offers a complete suite of modular, enterprise-grade intelligence and investigation tools and methodologies for corporate intelligence and security. These solutions give investigators tasked with corporate security the ability to discreetly and covertly identify and mitigate potential internal and external security threats and risks, identify suspicious behavioral patterns, track stolen assets, enhance work-site integrity, and generate actionable intelligence insights – all without disrupting business continuity.

Enabling corporations to quickly and efficiently:

Conduct Deep Due Diligence

Identify Conflicts of Interest

Screen Candidates

Monitor Brand Sentiments

Protect Corporate Reputation

Pinpoint and Mitigate Threats