OSINT in National Security

How national security agencies leverage OSINT to identify threats and opportunities across the web.

The Challenges

Critical threats to national security are becoming increasingly complex and include cyber terrorism, terror funding, proliferation, money laundering, arms smuggling, drug smuggling, human trafficking, and illegal immigration, to name a few. In fact, cyberspace has even been officially recognized as the fifth domain of warfare following land, sea, air and space.

Within this domain, criminals and terrorists use encryption, diverse communication means and social networks to interact, communicate, plan, recruit, and spread propaganda with more ease and discretion than ever before. This generates billions of data points, which can be used to track, prevent and combat these activities. However, this requires extracting and analyzing vast amounts of unstructured data from domestic and international communications sources, which cannot be done without the help of advanced technological tools and methods.

Give your Teams the Actionable Intelligence Insights they need to Maintain Domestic Safety & Stability

ESPY offers a complete suite of modular, enterprise-grade intelligence and investigation tools and methodologies that enable National Security Agencies to collect and analyze data from a wide range of open sources, social media, news sites, and surface, deep and dark web.

Designed by security intelligence experts, these solutions equip National Security Agencies with the data and actionable intelligence insights needed to detect illegal activities, assess and prioritize risks at scale, reveal and map national and global threats, protect national assets and enforce border control, and identify trends that may be a threat to national security.

This empowers agencies to quickly and efficiently:

Fight Organized Crime

Conduct Criminal Investigation

Detect Terrorism Groups

Intercept Narcotics Rings​

Combat Weapons and Human Trafficking

Identify Foreign Espionage

Key Benefits for National Security Agencies