Vehicle OSINT Tool Collection


A comprehensive list of websites, add-ons, repositories, and other tools useful for finding information on a target vehicle.

Image Tools (Identifying Targets via Images/Videos)

Link Description identifies make/model using image of target vehicle
Remini cleans blurry/distorted images
LetsEnhance enhances image resolution removes bright/large objects from images
Replicate restores blurry/hazy/damaged photos of faces (potentially other images)
TheinPaint removes objects from images
PimEyes facial recognition AI that is terrifyingly accurate, compares target to images all over the web
CarLogos database of all car manufacturers worldwide and their logos
PhotOSINT scans images on webpage for exif data
Calculator IPVM shows the view of how a set-up camera would like using google map data
Commercial Truck Trader database of all commercial trucks in US
Plate Recognition AI recognizes license plates within view of camera

License Plate Tools

Link Description
FindByPlate search license plate information by number and state (US) Plate Search search license plate information by number and state (US)
FaxVin (License Plate Search) search license plate information by number and state (US)
World License Plates database of license plate images by country/province
Platesmania international database containing nearly 1mil photos of license plates and their associated vehicles
License Plate Data finds vehicle information from license plate number and state
Numberogram searches Russian license plate numbers
License Plate Map: Americas 2019 overhead map of license plates by state/country/province
License Plate Map: Europe 2019 overhead map of license plates in europe by country/province
License Plate Map: Asia 2019 overhead map of license plates in Asia
AutoTraveller description/images of license plates and registration display regulations based on country
Venicle Search searches information related to venicle numbers in 14 different countries
NCSL summary of US license plate display regulations by state
Italy Insurance Control controls insurance validity of vehicle with italian plate number, comprehensive of insurance authority and insurance end date
Italy Emission Class emission class of vehicle with italian plate number
Italy Maintenance Control gives information about last government-forced check of car (4 years for new cars, after every 2 years), including km detected at time of check
Finnik searches for information related to license plates in various European countries
Netherlands License Plate Dataset license plate dataset of 15 million Netherland license plates, including a mind-boggling amount of information related to them
Intel Technique’s Search Tool searches for information related to license plates in US/Canada. This is part of an OSINT framework that also offers VIN searches and other tools
Vic Roads Victoria vehicle registry (AU) France license plates search tool Queensland license plate registry
Samgongustafa Iceland plate search registry
Autocode Russian number plate search tool
Eteenindus Estonia plate registry
STKonline Slovakia plate search tool plate search for Denmark, Swedan, and Norway, including a few other countries
MTSBU Ukraine license plate search tool (use at own risk, site is safe as of 11//19/2022 but conflict may affect this)
Wisconsin License Plate Search Offical Wisconsin search tool for license plates
First Check South Africa number plate search tool
Federal Road Safety Corps Nigeria license plate search tool
Doubango South Korea plate recognition tool
Itarga Italy plate search tool for iOS
Costco shows make/model of vehicle from VIN/plate
Plate Recognizer license plate decoder
AutoCheck offical Experian plate/vin search tool, scores results based on number of owners, mileage, age, and other info kazakhstan plate regulations and information
Kaggle Morocco license plate dataset
HowsMyDrivingNY violation search tool for NYC Colorado vehicle verification system Washington DC violation verification Connecticut vehicle verification
Honolulu Motor Vehicle Inquiry Hawaii vehicle verification Idaho vehicle verification
Oregon Semi-Truck Search Oregon semi-truck database

VIN Tools

Link Description
FaxVin (Vin Search) finds information related to VIN number with VIN check and VIN decoder VIN Search finds information and history related to VIN number
Vindecoderz free VIN decoder bmw specific VIN decoder with full optional list
Ford Vin Search Ford VIN decoder
Chevrolet Vin Search Chevy VIN decoder
Hyundai Vin Search Hyuandai VIN decoder
Nissan Vin Search Nissan VIN decoder
Cadillac Vin Search Caddillac VIN decoder
Dodge Vin Search Dodge VIN decode
Toyota Vin Search Toyota VIN decoder
Audi Vin Search Audi VIN decoder
Honda Vin Search Honda VIN decoder
Yamaha Vin Search Yamaha VIN decoder
Kawasaki Vin Search Kawasaki VIN decoder
Scion Vin Search Scion VIN decoder
National Highway Safety Administration NHTSA VIN decoder
GM Vin Search General Motors VIN decoder
BigRig Big-rig (Semi-trucks and large commercial vehicles) vin decoder/search

Drivers License Tools

Link Description
DL # Calculator calculates DL numbers in 9 states based on first/MI/last, gender, and DOB based on the states method of DL # calculation.
Enterprise finds reciepts using last name/DL number combo
Hertz finds reciepts using last name/DL number combo

Map/Street View Tools

Link Description
Show My Street simplifies google street view and maps with one straightforward interface
Mapillary overview map of street panoramas around the world
WebcamTaxi livestreams web/security cameras around the world, including interactive map of camera locations
EarthCam live webcam network with cameras around the world live webcam network with cameras around the world
Magonolialinkworld live webcam network with cameras around the world
WorldCams live webcam network with cameras around the world
Google Map Scraper scrapes addresses, phone numbers, etc from google map data
Cipher’s Public Transport Maps 20 public transport maps around the world
Open Aerial Map overhead aerial view of locations around the world
ArcGis map of semi-truck routes in US
Bureau of Transportation Bureau of Transportation public maps
Transport for London London bus map
TransitMap current and past international transit map archives

Other Useful Tools

Link Description
Cipher’s OSINT Map Cipher’s interactive map of useful online public/registry services by location and other great tools
iHunt OSINT Framework
Check License Plates iphone/ipad shortcut for searching plates based on country, state, or region
CarInfo India license plate search for macOS/iOS
BGToll vignette check for EU, Russia, and Asia and Middle East
PaperswithCode international license plate datasets with collections of images
NMVTIS NMVTIS approved data providers

Additional Resources/Notes

  • Local police impound registries (county, state, or province)
  • Local online ticket/citation portals (county, state, or province)
  • Certain tow companies may have searchable registries on their websites
  • VINCHECKINFO’s Reddit thread on states with public registry tools
  • For additional tools, cipher387 has an incredible collection of 1000+ tools here
  • Some map services (BingGoogle) and Google Earth offer timeline revert features to view older streetview versions
  • CyberopsIntel’s article on semi-truck OSINT

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